Captain Chuck's Fudge

My father-in-law is a great cook and always treats our tummies well when we visit. Something we have all come to love is his delicious fudge, which is easy to make and great to share! (The secret is in the sugar!)

What you need:

~ small aluminum baking pan that's disposable, about 8" works well. Also, a candy thermometer.


~ 1 1/2 cubes butter
~ 3 cups C&H sugar (or Domino sugar) other sugars are too grainy!
~ 6 oz. evaporated milk
~ 1 Tsp. vanilla
~ 1 tsp. milk (if fudge seems too dry)
~ 2 HEAPING cups chocolate chips
~ 4 HEAPING cups mini marshmallows

~2-3 cups marshmallows
~ 2-3 cups nuts
~1-2 cups Toffee chunks


~ Add all required ingredients and bring to 225 to 235 degrees.
~ Add chocolate chips and marshmallows.
~Stir like crazy!
~ Add optional ingredients if desired, pour into pan and let cool.

He's a genius in the kitchen, so his few SPECIFIC tidbits do make all the difference!


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